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Cartoon of a family have a conversation at the dinner table.

Childhood Cancer: Coping With the Diagnosis

Just the thought of a child getting cancer can be frightening and overwhelming. But while cancer can be life threatening, there’s encouraging news. Many kinds of cancer can now be cured or controlled to help give children a better quality of life into adulthood.

Cartoon of a man anxiously waiting to use an “occupied” restroom.

The Prostate Prognosis: Don’t Ignore an Uncomfortable Problem

Most men probably don’t like thinking about their prostates, but it’s worth doing once in a while. Problems with the small gland are common in men past the age of 50. The good news is that most prostate conditions can be successfully treated.

Illustration of 3 X-ray images and a patient entering a CT scanner.

Looking Inside: Get the Facts About Radiation

Radiation can be dangerous, but it can also save lives. When you’re faced with a medical test that uses radiation, don’t let fear get in your way. Learn about the risks and benefits, and know what questions to ask.

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Cancer Topics
(National Cancer Institute)
Information about cancer treatment, prevention, screening, genetics, causes and coping with the disease.

Clinical Trials: Cancer Trials
(National Cancer Institute)
Information on how to find cancer clinical trials, what clinical trials are, recent clinical trial results, resources for researchers, and more.

Cancer Statistics
(National Cancer Institute)
Information on how to understand cancer statistics, reports of cancer rates and trends, a statistics glossary, data tools, and more.

250 Years of Advances Against Cancer
(National Cancer Institute)
An interactive timeline that highlights some key milestones in the history of cancer research.

AgePage: Cancer Facts for People Over 50
(National Institute on Aging)
Cancer strikes people of all ages, but you’re more likely to get cancer as you get older, even if no one in your family has ever had it. The good news is that cases of cancer and death rates are going down. Browse information on symptoms, screening tests, treatment and prevention.


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