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Boy getting a piggyback ride from his mom and blowing a dandelion.

Survive the Seasons: Allergens and Irritants

Explore tips to combat common irritants including pollen, mold, and dust mites.

Illustration of a collage of people.

Be a Partner in Clinical Research

Whether you’re healthy or sick, young or old, you’re probably eligible to participate in a clinical study. Learn how you can help improve medical care.

Woman in a store reading labels on bottles.

Understanding Drug-Supplement Interactions

Do you take both dietary supplements and prescription or over-the-counter drugs? Test your knowledge of how they can interact.

A boy sitting with his head to his knees.

A Parent’s Guide to Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Learn about symptoms, causes, diagnosis, treatment, research, and more on ASD, a group of developmental brain disorders.

Featured Tools

Explore, Discover, Enjoy! — Lively and informative exhibitions and educational resources about the social and cultural history of medicine.

Screenshot of the Exhibition Program webpage from NLM.

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