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Cartoon of a “No Swimming” sign at the beach.

Summer Swimtime: Tips to Stay Healthy

Swimming pools, lakes, and oceans can sometimes get contaminated. Find out how to stay safe and healthy this summer.

Cancer survivor.

Cancer Survivorship: Adjusting to a New Normal

Many cancer survivors find that once treatment ends, transitioning to a new way of life can be hard. Browse advice and resources on life after cancer treatment.

Illustration of 3 people sitting in a doctor’s waiting room.

HIV and AIDS: Know the Facts

Today, people infected with HIV—the virus that causes AIDS—can live full, healthy lives. Learn about advances in HIV prevention and treatment.

Man running on the beach.

10 Tips for Healthy Summertime Habits

Don’t use the summer as an excuse to be unhealthy. Explore these 10 tips to help you stay on track!

Featured Tools

Meet Chip — Devices known as "tissue chips" or "organs on chips" are being developed to mimic the complex biological functions of specific organs. These will help scientists test the effects of potential drugs. Click on Chip's icons to learn more about the function of the various tissues and organs.

Screenshot of the Meet Chip website.

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